Is it safe to travel India in 2021 ?

 In 2020 we all know we are living well in starting then there is covid-19 spread all over after march then people are not aware what is it, how it affects to people, How we can disinfect where are we sitting. These are some of the questions which were answered. It was new to everyone so the govt form some of the teams who can aware the people who don’t know much about this thing, For example: Migrant labours are the one who started running to their villages when this news came out “that as a prime minister I want you to be safe so there is a declaration of lockdown for 21 days to stop the impact of Coronavirus”. 

But as we all know then it came with a delay because of the cases are going upwards then there was a time when it all started turning back. If we mention some of the industries definitely jobs are not that much but shopkeepers, stall workers, marketing companies, Migrant Labour, Metro. It all started back on road.

If we talk about now specifically in india everything is start getting back or we can almost back but this is the time to prepare as a person also because it came up with the “Second Wave of Coronavirus”.  Although people are not getting down that much everything is open but still there are some states in which lockdown is already there or might happen. 

So today people out of India or we can say foreigners of some parts are allowed to visit as they have to give the self health declaration form, or for the people of india who want to travel interstate there are not that much restrictions anymore but to be safe or to safe your family there are some questions which should answer. 

Today we are taking top 10 questions which can tell you that Is it Safe To Travel India in 2021 or not? 

These are the Top 10 questions which can give you some sort of clarity about travelling in India in india in 2021 plus there is a note in the end which you can say is the moral of all questions, we will summarise it all in the end.

Q1) Is Coronavirus still Haunting India ?

The impact of Covid-19 in india is like a roller coster it looks in an upward direction in 2020 march to June but lastly it took august when there are immense no cases coming but people are recovered also at the same time.

This pandemic make haunted everyone when the cases touch it’s heights to 91000 people a day on 16th September 2020, but slowly everyone recognised that if the cases are going up, it doesn’t matter because the recovery rate was also good. 

Then in 2021 people started thinking that Corona will again go up in summers if the vaccine is not out there in time, but our prime minister announced that the covid vaccine will launch here in India on 16th January 2021

But now the situation starts getting out of control again because today in march cases again starts increasing in some of the states. In which there are some big states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai but there are some control on the situation because we all know vaccine is out there and on daily basis there are immense no of people who vaccinated by the hospitals/covid centers.

But still we cannot disagree on this basis that pandemic is not spreading there are some of the states which already are in hotspot area. So yes, Coronavirus still haunting india definitely people are not that much worried now, because somehow it’s a part of life. 

Q2) Are people still being quarantined after travelling to cities through train/air in 2021?

Okay, if in case a passenger flying in to delhi and found covid positive then that person has to be in quarantine for 14 days. All the costs have to be pay by the passenger.

Some passengers who are coming from the European or the middle eastern countries have to pass the covid test which is going on to the airports.

Passengers who have their report with them showing negative are allowed to go outside the airport safely.

Q3) Are senior Citizens allowed to travel by train india? 

Yes, there is no restriction that senior citizen people cannot travel in the train. But still the recommendations by the govt is. please only travel if necessary because we all know if the cases are highly increasing so it will impact the senior citizens more than youth . Traveling recklessly can put you at risk of the corona virus. These are some of the rules of the government which is everyone following.

We all know that if corona cases are highly increasing day by day so it will definitely affect to the people who are in the age group of 55-80. So please don’t try to neglect the small indications which lead to the stage of coronavirus where you cannot come out. 

There are definitely an announcement in news on a regular basis that please people who are considered in the age group of 55-80 do not try to neglect this disease. The risk of covid is highly infected to the older groups of citizen rather than the younger ones. 

The reason to take the precautions for people who are senior is simple they have the low immunity generally comparing with the person who are in the age group of 20-40s or when we are above 40 in today’s world so we will definitely see that people are grabbed by some of the disease like High cholesterol, Heart problem, Diabetes etc.

Q4). Does foreigners/ NRI’s / People who are coming today for business in India are allowed today ? 

Frankly, the areas or cities which are highly affected by covid has decided to take high precautions for the people who are living that city, that precaution is majorly to stop the spread of corona here.

People who are coming from UK are not allowed yet to come in india to travel. But from all the other countries you can travel but there are restrictions like you have to showcase the negative RT-PCR test report, you can be quarantined for 7 days if you are negative, You can get isolate in the separated area if you’re positive. 

Q5) Are people being quarantined after travelling through trains in 2021 ? 

Again, every person has to show the covid negative report if they are coming from the hotspot region, or if you are covid positive then you have to be under hone isolation for 14 days after that you are fit and fine to travel on roads to get anything.

Q6) Which cities are open in India in 2021 ? 

At now this is not something related to travel internationally but this is something related to travel interstate, Major cities in india are not open fully because the impact of covid, Day by day the cases are increasing doesn’t matter if it is an Urban area or a rural area. 

People are getting short of breath at now the circumstances are not that much good because people facing the scarcity of oxygen when they feel the symptoms of shortness of breath, fever, cold or anything. The main issue is to arrange a bed in the hospital as many of the hospitals are not responding on calls or black marketing is something which is going on day by day here in every state. 

People should avoid visiting india at now but if you want to mandatory visit here then please try to take the full precautions because every city in india facing the second wave of Coronavirus and the situation all people are facing is at it’s worst write now.

There are some big countries who banned the people from india as a tourist, permanent visa holder or for any reason. Indians can’t move out at this time, Indians also should not move at this time. 

We are having bad situation at this time now, now it raise few another questions with this like:- 

1). What steps india are taking to make this situation washout ?

2). Is there any country who are helping India at this difficult time ? 

Definitely answering first question india has taken a few major steps to prevent this situation like:- making more beds, giving free checkup to the patients like migrant labours and people who can’t afford to pay the heavy bills of hospital. Then Indian prime minister has also requested for the oxygen beds from different countries. They has also imposed the lockdown again in the states but not as a national lockdown because now it will affect the economy on a higher level. 

Now answering second question definitely our prime minister maintained some good relationships with other countries that’s why today we can see that the power house countries like USA, Germany, Thailand, France etc, a lot more big countries like these showing their brave heart and standing here to help india. This behaviour shows that we all are different by countries but united as a people. 

Q7) Which Cities you should avoid visiting in India till June 2021 ? 

The answer is simple as the covid is affecting all of us our profession our personal life everything, So the suggestion by the big leaders or even doctors are that you shouldn’t travel anywhere right now. It comes to the safety measures now. So there is no need to mention the big cities name but still these are highly unsafe to visit for any reason whether it is for business.

If you want to travel the India during pandemic you should avoid visiting in those cities till June 2021.

• Maharashtra
• Kerala
• Karnataka
• Uttar Pradesh
• Tamil Nadu
• Delhi
• Andhra Pradesh
• West Bengal
• Chhattisgarh
• Rajasthan

But if you want to travel across India for any reason you must have taken precautions-

➢ Must wear Two Masks.
➢ Carry Sanitizer.
➢ Wear Hand Gloves.
➢ Get fully Vaccinated before travel.
➢ Maintain Social Distance.
➢ Make sure you understand and follow all airline requirements.

Q8) Are Road Trips Safe in India During this Pandemic in 2021?

So, my opinion is NO, road trips are not safe during covid because corona spread at large all over world. The situation of world is very crucial. 

This is not the situation to visiting anywhere or going to any destinations to visit. The second wave of covid is very dangerous. People think a thousand times to go out of the house. Travelling longer distance by car or any transport is not advisable, if you are getting bored or want to go out of your house then you only kind of road trip you could consider is a short drive near your home for some enjoyment. 

- You must avoid public transport,  
- Must avoid to go in local restaurants, 
- Must avoid to go in tribes, and
- Most important my advised to keep social distance from other for fear of spreading corona virus. Additionally, I recommend you that you should taken precautions while road trips that are:-

1. you should wear 2 masks during trip or you go outside your home for any reason.
2. Take your personal sanitizer.
3. Most important: Maintain Social distance.
4. Adhering to strict sanitisation procedure inside or outside the car at gas station as well.
5. Carry your own food.

Q9) Is it safe to conduct Religious tours in india ?

Actually as we full fledged written that nothing is opened in india in this scenario, so definitely the country who are famous for their temples are also shattered totally, because people are not travelling as much right now in india . 

Definitely cases are going down day by day as per the reports but it will still take time to up-bring the economy somehow.

 For better example: Kedarnath is one of the most known place in india. There are 4 Dham which are always consider in haridwar that is Gangotri, Yamnotari, Kedarnath and Badrinath. We mentioned the name for Kedarnath here, because this is the all time visited attraction by tourists in india, but in this period, There are people who are not even getting a penny from their business, Whether the business is small or some big industrial, but nobody is getting anything.

Especially the small shopkeeper, who sell the flowers for the temple and some small chit chat stalls who sell the daily need items bread omelette, Maggi, Chips, cold drinks. 

The reason is simple because everything is locked in Uttarakhand, So there is not even anyone who can open their stalls or shops to earn in this period.

Q10) How to Disinfect your seats ? While you are sitting anywhere it could be a Aeroplane/Train and bus ??

It is very easy and there is only one solution for all the seats where a traveller is going to sit that is just use a sanitiser, spray it all of the area where you are going to sit and then you will gonna touch their hands. It may be your seat, the foam, the arm pit and some of the other areas also. Please make sure that you use a real sanitiser with some portion of alcohol in

Note:-  We are always gonna tell you that india will take time to get fully vaccinated as there are immense no of companies making vaccines for the prevention of coronavirus but still for the people who are in india and want to travel interstate due to their work or some stuff please be fully safe, take full precautions, We understand that now the cases are not taking the upward direction but as per the Experts there is also a third wave of this pandemic, which is pending because, So please be fully prepared for your safety for your family safety.


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