Most Violent countries in the world (2021)

 We all live in some of the countries may be the names are different but we all are united. We all have the same structure same features but different textures (when you judge someone by car, rich life, complexion etc.) These are some of the things we shouldn’t do but where we live, factually talking there are numerous types of people eventually they do. 

So it means that wherever you are in any country or in any city there are good or bad ones everywhere. We all should avoid the bad people, now here is a twist what i mean by bad one is who have something bad against religion, women, men, caste, elder, complexion, intentions. I didn’t say that people who are smoking and drinking alcohol are bad, yes they are bad people when it comes to heath but may be they are sorted in life in general. So always listen to your heart when it comes to maintain or start for any relationship, (friend, best colleague, college friend and in love side).

So today we will tell you that how i can explain that there are some good or bad in everywhere by giving you the names of the countries where you have to be cautious while travelling.

Travelling is the part we all take participation in, it’s like an activity for some people, its like passion, for some leisure, for some life etc. We all travel whatever the reason is but have you anytime looked that there are some countries which are not safe or there are only some portions/parts of that country which are safe to visit. We will talk about that later but first we will discuss some of the basic questions, as we all know learning something interesting instead of passing time is far better.

So here are some of the basic questions we should answer first:-

  • What is a Violent Country?
Violent country is not like that where you will get murdered by anyone when you enter that country but it means some of the areas which are high in tendency in crimes, riots, pickpockets and some of the small petty crimes which are not suitable for any tourist.

  • What is the motive behind this article?
The motive behind this article is to not just scare you but we are here to represent the facts about some of the countries which need improvement when it comes to safety and security measures of everyone whether a tourist or non tourist.

  • Is it safe to visit in Violent Countries?
Yes as we mentioned above also there are some of the parts in some countries which are not good when it comes to maintain the mainstream of tourism but otherwise you can roam around the dynamic places. But try to get the local guide with you in any destination you are going around in these countries.

  • Why are violence not stopping by anyone in these Countries?

As the main reason highlight every time by these countries are the main boss or the guy who is running the business there and paying everybody for his illegal businesses, sometimes government try to put every ounce in these type of cases to be stopped but eventually there are some people who cautious every-time the leader so he/she can run through the premises the best example of this which is relatable is Pablo Escobar (Columbia, Lord of Drugs). Just like that there are lot of guys who want to do these trashes to make their name in country, but they are not so big so they do petty crimes. 

The biggest reason of this is lack of education, boys who are not on right track they are not the one who want to do something big, they don’t want to make a change, all they wanna do just to sit and earn money by these illegal trades. 

So Today we are gonna tell you the top 10 world most violated countries where if you are travelling then you should keep a check on everything every time.

Most Violated Countries in the world (2021)

Okay so whatever country we mention here below we will gonna answer 2 questions there first is Where is this country? And the second one is How is this a violent Country?

10). Venezuela: According to the most surveys happen in this world this country considered to be the one of the dangerous ones. Let’s find why.

  • Where is this Country ?
It is the country situated in South America with some of the Caribbean islands also. This is the poor country as the per capita income in this country is very low. With all these cons it has tons of corruption with authorities, humans and in sectors also.

  • How is this a violent Country?
According to survey there is highest murders rate compare to any other country, so tourists should not go there as there are high kidnapping rate, poor infrastructure, politicians attacking, armed gang. The main reason why this is an unsafe country because there are so many arm gangs in each area.

9). Mali: Definitely this country has a lot to visit but you have to be safe here why, Let’s find out:-

  • Where is this Country ?
The country full name is Republic of Mali It is Situated in West Africa. A total landlocked country but i must many tourist come here in holidays, so what unsafe? 

  • How is this a violent Country?
Robbery, petty small crimes are very common, kidnapping, getting hostage to people, alqaeda gathering happens here . This poor country needs a lot of development in terms of wealth. Of course there are people who travel here but most of them are here for the business purpose. 

8). Colombia: Well, people know this place by the land of drugs. Why people say this let’s find:-

  • Where is this Country ?

Colombia or you can call it republic of Colombia is in the part of South America. Although we watched many web series on netflix, which explains really well that why is Colombia is an unsafe country.

  • How is this a violent Country ?
Although colombia is a safe country when it comes to visiting the tourist areas but it is very much unsafe when it comes to drugs, kidnapping, money laundering. These are the things which was something people know in ancient times. Pablo escobar, pacho, gilberto these are some of the high time traffickers in these country which people know when they all were ruling. Even the government cannot put all of them down.

7). India: The part of Asia, which has a lot to discover which has a lot of stories of god, much more to explore spiritually, then why this is the unsafest sometimes:- 

  • Where is this Country ?
In terms of neighbouring india touches big countries like china, sri lanka, Bangladesh with its borders, There are some parts which set india as a violent country.

  • How is this a violent country?
India is definitely not that much a violent country but sometimes india set bad goals for the tourist’s because of women safety measures. The reason where women is not safe in some parts because the main reason is the population where india is grossing the highest rate in terms of this, after this illiteracy is the big reason which leads to single men who need to choose these wrong types of path which can only make you shameful as a nation.

6). Egypt: This country has a lot to show when it comes to their monumental sites, but then how this is a violent country:-

  • Where is this Country ?

This is the main dominant of muslim country, it has an alot to show with it’s ancient time period statues and everything but still it has some drawbacks.

  • How is this a violent country?
It has been found in Egypt that there has been some of the major attacks to journalists, some attacks on the roads. So you have to be extra cautious while going into any roadshows, protests and also please try to stay away from the crowded area.

5). Bangladesh: Now if we do not look this article as the violent countries one, then again this is the lushly green country in south Asia. How it became as a violent country one:-

  • Where is this Country ?
This country is the most definitive people’s of the royal tigers of Bengal, that’s why this country is also surrounded by some tourist but it has some violent activities.

  • How is this a violent country?
Sometimes people have to act like a burning anger it shows the rioting in politics which definitely affect lot of people, youngsters and by that behaviour, people getting angry in streets using unaware objects which could risk someone life is very common in this country. Human trafficking is the business here where the lot of big gangs are eating by doing this type of illegal trade.

4). Honduras: Not as much visited destination by tourists in an year like egypt and India, but in terms of violence, not trying to decrease the bars:-

  • Where is this Country ?
This country is in central America, not much attractions to capture the momentum of the tourists, but still it has been noticed that there are bunch of tourists which come here in an year.

  • How is this a violent country?
In america it is very common that you are in alive or not if you are doing the business of drugs. Whether it is any type of one so here also the rates of murder are very high. Shooting fireguns in public areas, pickpocketing, thiefs are highly trained to be dismiss. So please be cautious when you are travelling in this country.

3). South Africa: Africa is almost a good option to spend your holidays, but try not to go there in some areas because you may face here the violence here.

  • Where is this Country ?
Africa is the continent here it has lot of other countries also attached here which are almost alike this but still if we are talking about this, tourism rate in this country is moderate.

  • How is this a violent country?
There are some of the areas in Africa where rates of crimes are very high. If someone pointed a gun on someone and you are shocking after watching that scene, so please don’t be because ut is pretty common there. There is a lot of discrimination between rich and poor, You should also think before you wear anything although in terms of women safety in the tourist areas are pretty safe, but otherwise take care of that.

2). Brazil: You cannot spend your holidays here to enjoy a football match you can also enjoy here in terms of attractions, monuments etc.

  • Where is this Country ?
It is in South america, this country is the 6th largest country in population and fifth biggest country in terms of land/area. Brazil is very famous for soccer players and christ the redeemer, but still it has it’s drawbacks.

  • How is this a violent country?

As we came to know that brazil is famous for food, soccer and for it’s attractions, it also has some of the things which a traveller doen’t seem to like. You can get easily robbed here while you are walking with someone. Drug related crimes are seems to be possible here. If you are the one who want to explore the forest of brazil then be careful some big disease of malaria and there are some goons in forest areas also.


1). North Korea: This is the country leading with their master which is trending in everyday news and papers everywhere, still people travel here whether it is for business purpose or for travelling, but generally travelling is a low cost of matter here as people consider this place as a no safe area.

  • Where is this Country ?

This country is in east Asia where the country name is democratic people of republic of Korea, It has not much things when we talk about travelling but yes why you have to be safe here or you can say you have to stay cautious here, Let’s find out:-

  • How is this a violent country?

There are some of the reasons by which this country is a violent country. Americans are not allowed to visit here, right now there is a long term detention here. The supreme leader of this country Kim Jon is one of the cruel leader when it comes to obeying the decisions by public. So these are some of the measure by which not many people visit this country.

After telling you the violent countries there is a last question that we need to answer for the tourists.

  • Are tourist generally targetted in these countries ? 

The answer is very simple NO. Let me tell you the reason why you should travel this country with some safety measures. People who travel to these countries keep some measures mentioned below which you should follow:-

1). Whenever you are travelling in these countries try yourself to make busy in sites, attractions. 

2). Never Carry jewellery bag with full carelessness like you have to keep it tight in your pocket or in hand (purse, men wallet).

3). Do not participate in any road shows or any other political riots in these countries as it is not safe to take part in this.

4). These are total safe countries to visit but have to be cautious while walking on the roads at night, while walking alone just ask somebody.

5). Observe the area, market, people around you always observe these things around you as people are not aware of these just take there hotels out of the station because it took $50 less there. Always try to be in gatherings when you are alone (for safety measures).

6). If you are travelling as a couple or with family try to book a hotel in advance from your journey please read all the reviews ratings to book.

7). Never try to indulge in narcotics substances, may be you will not come here back once you get into the forest of drugs.

8). Try to keep in mind again these are all safe countries but highly violated. The country which we all know anyone shouldn’t travel i.e: Somalia, Syria and Iraq.

9). Avoid long conversations interruptions with anyone, just talk limitedly. If you have a gut that this place is good then you can know about there culture and all.

10). Try to cover the places which is necessary when it comes to travel in attractions , Don’t party all night because there are chances you might miss something important.


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