Top 5 Best Destination in India in December

India is the major hub of travelling, where people visit alot over an year. If anyone travelling to india then the first thought is to travel cheap, safe, comfort and relaxation. 

Everyone love to travel according to their schedule, but there are lot of visitors who want to travel on the basis of weather.

Some people enjoy their trip on a beach with thir families or some love to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee in winters at mountains.

But visitors in india face difficulties to find the perfect destination for their trip to enjoy in "December". 

Q) Why do people want to travel in "December" ?

Mostly indian visitors who are looking for a place in india or even people who are visiting outside from india always look for a place in which they feel relaxed and chill in the month of December.

Feeling that place "Snowy" is the second factor. Northern parts of india are much colder than the southern part, so people love to enjoy the snowy area in december.

So, Today i will tell you small itineraries for these top 5 places to visit. where you can make your trip/package for 3 days (approx). This will give you the clarity to visit these places as in the terms of:-

Total budget, Hotels, Convince fees, main hub (city), Meals, Attractions. You will discover everything about these remembrable destinations.

Top 5 Best Destination in India in December

If you are seeking for a place in india to visit in december where you can watch the enormous attractions in cheap price, then these are the top 5 places you can visit:- 

5) Udaipur: This city is situated in the southern part of Rajasthan, probably called the "White city of india", one of the highly recommended spot for "Destination Wedding", it is also called the city of lakes i.e Udaipur.

What makes Udaipur So famous ?

This destination has something unique for their visitors. It holds some stories of history, Lovely palace and the main culture of rajasthan which you can see here in some of the shopping areas. 

What is the best season to visit here ?

The best season to visit udaipur is from September to march. The weather here is actually sticky, but in december you can feel low temprature, so you have to carry some woolen clothes along with your cotton stuff.

How can we travel in Udaipur ?  Hotels, Main places, Transportation expense, Budget ?

Now, we have to categorised the answer so that can be easy to understand.

  • How to reach Udaipur ?

You can reach udaipur wherever you are via train or plane. If you are in india so railway station of Delhi gives you the connectivity to reach here basically we can call the main hub, where you can book your train tickets to udaipur.

If you coming from abroad then you can check your flight connections from your city to jaipur international airport.

In any case you don't find any best connectivity for jaipur then you can come to delhi airport, after that you can come here via train. (Delhi to Udaipur is 665 km, Jaipur to Udaipur is 395 km).

  • Where to stay in Udaipur ? Normal Hotel Price in Udaipur ? 

You can stay here near by Pichola lake. Normal room here in udaipur will cost you around 1000 INR. 

Best Places to Visit in Udaipur ?

When you reach at udaipur so here is the itinerary for this destination:-

Day 1

1. Pichola Lake: Clean and fresh water lake where you can enjoy your day with sitting around. This is a man made lake so you will hear this name here "artificial lake".

The main motive to built this lake is to solve the requirments of drinking water and water irrigation problems in ancient time. (made by pichola village)

2. City palace, Jag mandir:  These are some of the attractions worth watching in udaipur. In city palace you will acquire a lot of knowledge about the history of mewar and their ruling kings.

Entry ticket here for above 18 are 30 INR, for child 15 INR (200 INR for Camera).

Jag Mandir is situated within the pichola lake. All these places are close to each other so you will save your travelling expense.

Day 2 

3). Sahelio ki bari: This place is actually in the form of garden here, a wide place where you can roam around there is also a museum inside this attraction where you can gather a bunch of factual knowledge about indian history.

4). Gulab bagh zoo: Enjoy your most of the time with nature. There are several things to enjoy from the most beautiful habitat plants, trees of guava, mango, grapes and few animals.

Moreover, you can spend your time in toy train here which is amazing for tour of whole garden. This is one of the amazing place for photography lovers. 

Entry ticket is 25 INR for Garden, 5 INR for Zoo.

After all of this, you can spend your remaining time by sitting on Ghat's here. Ambari ghat, Manjhi ghat and Gangaur ghat are some of the famous spot here to spend your entire evening.

For Day 3 you can visit Sajjangarh Fort which is also know as the Monsoon Fort, which is also a beautiful fort to visit made by the "Maharaja Sajjan Singh" . Entry ticket is 5 INR and 15 INR for Camera.

After this, your small trip to Udaipur is over now. All attractions are very close with each other so you may hardly have to pay for the transportation. Although if you are going anywhere far so instead of a Taxi you can find a Ola and Uber, Which is very familiar in indian cities or Outside as well.

What is the Budget for Udaipur ? 

You can cover this beautiful place in 5000 INR (Per person, for 3 days), Inclusions: Hotel, Meals, Convince fee, Entry ticket for forts and zoo.

4) Dalhousie: This is also one of the astonishing destinations we have in india in december to visit. Beautiful small "hill station" to experience snow in winter seasons.

What makes Dalhousie So famous ?

When british goverment was ruling in india then there was a  Governor, Lord Dalhousie who established this place and declared this place as best place to visit in the winter or summer seasons.

What is the best season to visit here ?

According to visitors and local people here, October to march is the perfect season to visit this place and In the month of  December you may expect snowfall here.

How can we travel in Dalhousie ?  Hotels, Main places, Transportation expense, Budget ?

  • How to reach Dalhousie ?

For this destination the main hub is "Pathankot" after reaching here you can find bus or taxi which will help you to reach at dalhousie. If you visiting this destination from outside india then you can find train from Delhi to Pathankot.

The distance between Pathankot and Dalhousie is 84 km. For outsiders, the distance between Delhi to pathankot is around 480 km.

  • Where to stay in Dalhousie ? Normal Hotel Price in Dalhousie ? 

You can stay here according to the places you are visiting . Normal room here in Dalhousie will cost you around 1500 INR. 

Best Places to Visit in Dalhousie ?

You can wrap this whole trip of dalhousie in maximum 4 days, so here is the itinerary for this destination:-

Day 1 

1). Satdhara Falls: This eccentric beauty of nature and one of the often visited place in dalhousie will definitely a time worthy place to watch. You can click end number of photos here, as this area is actually very popular among photographers. This rocky  area will mesmerize you by it's knockout beauty.

2). Panchpula: This is one of the attraction which provide you the exotic spot for a full day picnic here. This city is also supplies water to the major cities of himachal. Tourist stop at the point of the falls and collect the purest water here.

3). Subhash Chowk: If you visit any of the hill station in india there is a "mall road" type of attraction which is famous for its view, you can take hotel here, this area is oftenly know as "Shopping area". So you can take any stuff from subhash chowk at reasonable price.

Day 2 

4). Dainkund peak: This is a trekking point where after a walk of 30-40 minutes you get on to a peak of hill with enormous beauty in india with some of the big deodar trees and refreshing air, this place is known as Dainkund peak in Dalhousie.

5). Kalatop Wildlife Reserve: This is also like a trekking point on the major heights in khajjiar, here you can roam around the forest. Definitely an eye capturer place for a tourist to visit here and feel the weather cloudy.

Day 3

Now if you have tight budget then you can visit this place in second day, but i think this place is actually deserve a whole day to visit 

6). Khajjiar:  If you are the one who love to be in around in nature then Khajjiar is heaven for those, if you dont love greenery and forest type of area then also, this place has something which will compel you to love this incredible area . 

Khajjiar is called the mini switzerland of india. As the vice chancellor of Switzerland mention this place, that it give me the  resemblance of switzerland.

Khajjiar is actually the place covered with full snow in the month of december and the trees, flora and fauna, mini huts these are something which will attract any tourist at first sight. 

After this your journey is over in Dalhousie, Please stay for one day at khajjiar to experience something different from any other hill station.

What is the Budget for Dalhousie ?

You can cover this hill station in 7000 INR (Per person, for 4 days), Inclusions: Hotel, Meals, Convince fee. 

3). Mcleodganj: Welcome to the place, where you will experience that people are highly following the people to the paths of spirituality, pilgrimages, tibet culture and the main followers of budhism.

What makes Mcleodganj So famous to visit ?

Yes, Mcleodganj is very popular among every tourist because this place gives you the time to explore with the tranquility. The main leader of budhism "Dalai Lama" lives here. This is also the main spot of tourist which are going to dharmshala.

What is the best season to visit here ? 

There are not any seasons for this place because some people love here to visit in the months of march to may and others are love to visit in pre winters september to november. But there is a high chance to experience snow in the month of December.

How can we travel in Mcleodganj ?  Hotels, Main places, Transportation expense, Budget ?

  • How to reach Mcleodganj ?

For those who are travelling here by rail can reach pathankot railway station (90 kms away from mcleodganj). Kangra airport is the nearest airport here (20 kms away from destination).

  • Where to stay in Mcleodganj ? Normal Hotel Price in Mcleodganj ? 

If you love to live around the nature then, naddi village is the best area to stay in mcleodganj, otherwise if you want to live in market area then take your hotel near by bhagsunag water fall.

Here also you get the normal room, in Macleodganj will cost you around 1200 INR.


Best Places to Visit in Macleodganj ?

Firstly, there is a combination of dharmshala and macleodganj. In Dharmashala you can visit an indian cricket stadium sorrounded by hills and some temples. After this you can take bus to macleodganj which is only at 11 km distance. 

So, this is the place you can cover fully in maximum 2 days. Here is the itinerary for this destination:-

Day 1 

1). Bhagsu Falls: This is the destination where you can feel the spirituality alongside the fall and here is the old temple of lord shiva where devotee comes and then they find the link to Bhagsunag falls here.

2). Namgyal Monastery: As mentioned above, macleodganj leads the path to budhism, here you will se a lot of monks, walking on roads, giving lectures to their followers under a tree and here is also a temple for tourist which will show you an amazing statue of lord budha here.

3). Naddi Village: Just like Malana village in Kasol, Naddi view point is also just like that place. a 3km long trek and after that trek trek when you reach at the peak of its mountain, the view is outstanding alongside the area. 

After this Day 1 you can enjoy your evening while eating Thukpa and Momos in any roadside restaurant. You can eat momos in street stalls. Thukpa will cost you around 150 INR.

Day 2

4). Dalai Lama temple:  This is the house of dalai lama lama he oftenly spend his precious time with their followers and giving lectures in the form of public speaker. This vibrant temple has positivity and very absoluteness atmosphere to joy with full peace.

5). Dal lake: Natural lake not so hyped up by people, but yes you can spend some time here while eating anything.

6). St john in the wilderness: This area around the church will give you the horror look and this is one of the amazing destination for photography.

This attraction will give you the look of Dark church just like in some of the hollywood webs series with the Cemetry alongside where you can sat for 10 mins and enjoy the refreshing purity of air.

What is the Budget for Macleodganj to explore ?

This whole trip can be cover by seeightseeing taxi which will cost you around 1000 INR.

After this your trip to Macleodganj is over. Now, the total expense here for 2 days will cost you around 4000 INR Per person. (hotel, meal, convince fees).

2). Auli: When we are talking about destination of north india then uttarakhand can never be forget by anybody, Lovely destination with oak trees, forest area and highly popular place for doing skiing in the month of december , that is called "Auli".

What makes Auli So famous ?

Again, these are some of the places in uttarakhand famous for its peaceful atmosphere and highly popular among youngsters or honeymooners because of skiing.

What is the best season to visit here ?

The best season to visit in Auli is in between December to march, where you can enjoy skiing in snowy climatic condition.

How can we travel in Auli ?  Hotels, Main places, Transportation expense, Budget ?

  • How to reach Auli ?

If you want to looking for the nearest airport or railway station for this destination, then Dehradun is the place where you can reach. Haridwar is also the place where you can take bus or train to reach Dehradun.

Where to stay in Auli ? Normal Hotel Price in Auli ?

Hotels prices are higher here then any of the other destinations. Here you have to pay 2000-4000 INR for 2 adults. Joshimath is the place where you can stay, here you may get rooms for 1500INR. (it's up to the hotel you choose).

Best Places to Visit in Auli ?

Day 1 

1). Artificial Lake:  Although all places are very natural here in auli and before sometime it became the must visit place because of winter activities and some of man made lakes. This lake will give you the look very natural.

2). View points: There are some of the small view points here which you can see and spend your day with like:- Chenab lake, auli ropeway, Chattarakund and Narsingh temple.

These all are the places which you can cover in Maximum 2 days. (Ropeway expense from joshimath to auli will cost you around 750 INR per person for roundtrip).

Day 2

3). Gurso Bugyal: Those travellers looking for a short type of trek which is not more than 3km with a facility to do camping and to see a lot more of nature and river nanda devi.

Coming here in the season of october to december will show you this place truely magical, with the lot of attractions. You will feel that these all are godgifted nature.

What is the Budget for Auli ?

Here, For 3 days maximum your budget will be around 5000 INR per person. (Inclusions: Hotel, Meals, Convince fee) except: snow activities.

1). Munnar: This place is highly recommended  in the month of December. In the period of 90's this was only just highly dense forest area, now everyone find this place very exotic due to its green area all over and by it's tea plantation all over.

What makes Munnar So famous ?

In the northern parts of india the weather is actually snowy or foggy in the month of december, but here you will see quite few changes in weather but this place is also cold. Tourist excitement get exceeds with its motherland beauty and you can buy species, chocolates and especially some tea, As the tea garden here are quite famous after Darjeeling.

What is the best season to visit here ?

December-february is the time period or the peak season here to visit but people often travel in the month of august-october to enjoy monsoon here.

How can we travel in Munnar ?  Hotels, Main places, Transportation expense, Budget ?

  • How to reach Munnar ?
Wherever you are coming from whether it is from railways or by air Cochin airport is the nearest airport where you can get exit, after this you have to book cab for Munnar which is approximately 110 km far from the airport.

Where to stay in Munnar ? Normal Hotel Price in Munnar ?

Here the sightseeing are not close with each other and this is recommended that if you are travelling here then take your hotel in chithirapuram area. Where you can get abundance of resorts and normal rooms also in the range of 1500-2000.

Best Places to Visit in Munnar ?

Day 1 

1). Photo Point:  As the name tells you this the place where you can walk on top of the hills, can click unlimited photos because the beauty is mind blowing here. You may sit on  any corner of the hill and enjoy ther air.

2). Echo point: This is the point where you can hear your sound again by your scream at the top of the point. This place also has an extreme beauty to enjoy.

3). Kundala Lake: This place is located 20 Km away from Munnar and one of the top visited place in Munnar. Do not miss to keep your Camera with you, cause here you can click your picture with extreme perfection. Do visit this place in early morning as possible.

Day 2 

4). Kannan Dev Museum: Walking around this place will give you some intellectual sort of knowledge like about the tea culture an some of the beautiful tea Sapplings, with a cup of complimentry tea. This is the first museum of tean in country.

5). Eravikulam National Park:  Only place in the westeren ghats of the tamil nadu in which Nilgiri tahr is being preserved here and also worth visiting place, well known for its natural ambience.

6).  Pothamedu view point:  This place is hardly 5 km away from munnar and this view shows you the plantation of everything like:- tea plantation, cardamom plantation, coffee plantation. This place offers you the opportunity to hike on the rock and the bouquet of plantation. 

What is the Budget for Munnar ?

Here, 2 days are maximum if you are visiting on this hill station. Your budget will be around 7000 INR per person. (Inclusions: Hotel, Meals, Convince fee).


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