How to Travel Thailand from India and USA, Attractions,Prices,Nightlife

How to Travel Thailand from India and USA

Hello everyone !! Hope you all are fine, So today we are going to cover the destination which is very popular today, everybody is way more curious to travel to that destination. 

The country is basically known for its cuisines, beaches, martial arts and one of the interesting fact we have about this country is over 33 million people travel this country in an year around the world. 

We will cover each and every aspect of this country like where to travel, how to travel from india and USA, best places to visit, how to visit in cheap after this whole article you will get all type of information what you need to travel here, so today you will discover your knowledge about Thailand. 

Let's Start with some very basic questions which is frequently asked by tourists.

  • What is the Capital of Thailand ? What is the name of international airport in Bangkok ?
Bangkok is the capital of thailand, most of the flight arrive here from the international destinations.

 Suvarnabhumi airport is the international airport here but there are many flights which will also been land on Don Mueang airport which also operate regional or some international flights. You will also get bus or rail connection to reach sukhumvit area (if you are coming out from suvarnabhumi airport) where most of the tourist prefer to stay.

  • What is the currency here ? How much money we should carry if we are from US or india ? 
 Thai Baht is the official currency of thailand, now it doesn't matter whether you are from india or US, try to carry US dollars with you as dollars have a great exchange rate here compare to all other currencies. 

Try to take atleast 50-100 dollars with you if you are from india and after reaching the market in thailand convert your money from dollars to baht.

       1 thai baht  = 2.43 Indian rupee
       1 thai baht = 0.032 US Dollar

US Dollar is way more stronger then thai baht, so never forget to carry dollar for great exchange. 

  • Is thailand safe for travellers ?
Generally thailand is safe for any kind of tourists, like if you are travelling in a group or if you travelling alone but you have to be careful at the same time because local crimes like pick pocket, bag snatching are some of the common things in any country so you can face these things here, so try to not to depend on anyone. Take care of your belongings wisely.

  • What language to speak in thailand ?
When it comes to language then Thai is the official language which is widely spoken in thailand. English is the second language which tourist use to communicate often.

  • What is the return airfare from india to thailand ? US to thailand ?

Return airfare from india to thailand is around 16000 INR.

Return airfare from USA to thailand is around 550 US Dollar.

Note:- Make sure you book your air tickets 3 months prior to get this price.

  • How to get Visa for travelling to thailand ?
Initially you have to pay 2500-3000 INR for Tourist entri visa if you are from india but thailand govt declared the scheme to pay off the visa fee, eventually you do not have to pay the fee if you are an indian citizen.

US citizens get free tourist visa for entering thailand. 

Never forget to carry these required documents:-

 1). Passport

 2). Return airfare ticket

 3). 4*6 passport photo

 4). Confirm hotel booking

 5). Currency info: If you are travelling alone then you have to show 10000 baht individually, with family minimum 20000 baht is necessary.

6). Fill Visa form

So now, this article is divided into 3 parts as thailand is famous for Bangkok, pattaya and phuket. we will try to show how we covered all these places in cheap.

If you only travel one of the places for short tour then also you can follow this structure to manage your trip.

How to cover Bangkok in cheap

Now When you get exit from airport try to find your room in sukhumvit area, as travellers mentioned that sukhumvit road is the safest place and cool also to live as you will see a lot decorative restaurants with amazing thai cuisine and some continental to offer.

Also here you can travel at the night if you are travelling solo or travelling with your partner.

Q) What is the range of a normal room in bangkok ?

You can easily get a normal room in the range of 210-1045 Thai baht (in Sukhumvit area).

Best places to visit in Bangkok 

After Leaving from the airport these are some of the places which you can roam around. 

(Day 1)

1) Sea Life Ocean:- If you want to see the underwater world with some of the natural  species animals which are only found in water then you can watch this place. Entry ticket will cost you around (1800 INR and 25 $).

2) Madam Tussaud Museum:- Want to witness some of the wax made statues of the greatest people in the world, which looks real, then you should visit this museum. Entry ticket will cost you around (1900 INR and 27 $).

3) Nightlife Nana Plaza:- Whenever you hear thailand from someone he/she may be your office colleague, your friend, your relative or any sibling, they will never forget to mention the nightlife of thailand, everybody enjoys the nightlife here. 

Some of are enjoying while having a glass of beer in the club or some may be hang around the road with friends and some of them are trying street food. (Mostly the food is non veg when it comes to street food of thailand).

Soi cowboy street is also one of the popular street in bangkok where you can get the experience of variable massage and enjoy your nightlife. Starting price of Massage will be 600 INR and 10 $.

(Day 2)

4). Safari world:- It is basically divided into 2 parts. First one is a typical zoo type of park in which you can see lots of wild animals. Like lion, zebra, elephant and many more.

Second part is basically name by marine mari in which people enjoy the natural birds species found in the world some of the birds are popular of thailand.

You can watch safari world if you are coming with your family and travelling solo also. Chimpanzee boxing is the key attraction which people enjoy the most.

Watching the boxing match between the chimpanzee and being an eye witness of their moves that how the blue chimpanzee dominating the other one or who's gonna win this match is really interesting to watch.

"Safari world" will take your whole day to visit as some of the shows are very interesting here like:- Lion Show, Elephant Show and many more fountain shows, which are time worthy to watch. Even you can click your memory with chimpanzee, as you have full authority to click picture with them after the fight.

Entry ticket of the safari world will cost you maximum 3000 INR and 45 $.

(Day 3) 

5). Royal pavillion Mahajetsadabadin:- As you see that the name is very difficult to pronounce but the attraction is very beautiful you can take loads of photos around here because the area here is so clean. One of the great site, you should visit at night.

6). Wat pho:- people always mention the nightlife of thailand as it is very interesting thing you should not miss, but i think Wat pho is that place which is unforgettable one of the greatest site with so many small and big sculptures of Lord Budha. 

If you ever tried to watch anything related to wat pho then you have must seen that picture where the Lord budha is reclining this is one of the amazing moment when you see this kind of statue which is astonishing to watch that is why this place also called reclining budha temple. Entry ticket will cost you around 500 INR and 7 $.

7). Khlong Boat:- If you want to go anywhere in the bangkok one of the major popular convince which covers wide part of bangkok is Khlong boat. It might be cheaper than taxi, motorbike and it would not get busted into the traffic. It runs from 6:00 AM in the morning to 8:30 at night.

8). Grand Palace:- This is the place built by the king of siam and he used to live here, This is place where tourist should visit in morning to see the beautiful nature where people are enjoying the view of artistic nature and watching building with an art. Entry timings are from 8:30 am to 3:30pm. Entry ticket will cost you around 1200 INR and 15 $.

After Visiting all these places you can enjoy your dinner at the rooftop restaurants in which while eating you can get to see the beauty of bangkok also. You can also explore the very famous "Khao san street" in which people love to eat some basic thai food/street food with some entertainment in clubs or shows (as per your choice).

Now after all of this hustle your maximum to maximum expense for bangkok for 3 days might not get extend to 18000 INR and 7600 $ Per Person. (This includes your hotel fee, travelling fee from one place to another, Bus fee from Bangkok to phuket, meals and your entry ticket price).

After all this your 3 days bangkok trip will be over, now There are 2 ways to go from Bangkok to phuket

1) By flight

2) By Bus

As we have to cover this trip in cheap as much as can then i will tell you how you can easily go to phuket with normal Bus.

From Southeren bus terminal you can get your bus tickets from bangkok to phuket (Book your tickets one day prior).

From Bangkok to phuket the journey is around of 850 kms (majorly 12-14 hours of travelling) you will get ticket rate around 1700 INR and 23 $.

There are 2 types of buses available from this terminal but i recommend you not to take the vip bus (save your money asap). Because in Normal bus also you will be served meals, mineral water, amazing soft comfy seats to lie down, blankets etc. 

How to Cover Phuket in Cheap 

Now after such a tired journey of almost 14 hours you will reach to phuket. Bus will Drop you at the terminal 2 after that you can take the local bus from terminal 2 to downtown that will cost you around 110 INR and 1.50 $.

Q) What is the range of a normal room in phuket ?

You can easily get a normal room in the range of 900 Thai baht (Near Pattong Beach).

Best places to visit in Phuket

In order to visit Phuket, you basically need 2-3 days to cover the all places and attractions here, but to cover all the attractions Taxi is not the way if you want to cover the trip in tight budget and if you want to save your money. Instead of booking a taxi you can take a bike/scooty on rent for the whole day.

Procedure to hire a bike on rent for a day 

You have to spend 500 INR and 7 $ to hire a bike for a whole day (24 hrs). You can ask your hotel staff to give you the contact card for shops. After that maybe you have to submit your passport hardcopy (for security purpose). Then you can explore where you want to explore. Now even you not have the Time Boundation in your mind you can stop your vehicle wherever you like the food/view/shopping stuff etc.

 Day 1

1). Tiger Kingdom: Unique type of place definitely for every tourist, like here you can chill with tiger, you can feel him, play with him for only 15-20 mins in between you can click photos for making that moment unforgettable in your life. You don't have to feel insecure about your safety measures because whichever the tiger you will choose is fully trained by their trainers so you under fully secure with them.

Price list for tiger kingdom

1). Small/medium sized tiger: You have to pay around 2150 INR and 30 $.

There are even bigger also to play but i will recommend you to take medium ones for two reasons. Definitely, the first reason is money, why are you spending your money unnecessarily. Second reason is the tiger usually in big size are more lethargic compare to small ones. So, if you want to play with the king then, try to pick the young one or small one.

2). Big Budha: This Statue of Gautam Budha is amazing to watch in early morning as it is free to hang around there or to do anything here, but a destination to watch in morning. You can come to this destination after the Tiger kingdom.

Day 2

3). Full Day Tour of Phi-Phi Island/ James Bond island:  Before discovering the price and what includes in this sightseeing, why it is so famous let us know about each of them particularly. 

  •  What is Phi-Phi Island ?
 Ko Phi-Phi island is actually a group of islands in thailand which is very popular due to its clean and crystal water.

 You can even stay on phi phi island (as there are number of honeymooners from around the world who stay here), but this is not that much worth visiting if you are enjoying your honeymoon. Maldives is much better to experience Beachfront room and Water Villa.

You can watch this whole attraction in one day by taking the tour of Phi-Phi island. 

  • What is James Bond Island ?

It also provide you the wanderlust paradise to visit and the place to visit which actual name is "Khao ping Kan" island it appeared as james bond island by the movie The Man With Golden Gun.

It is also the pretty same like ko Phi-Phi island where you can stay at the resorts with a lot of amenities there.

  • What is the difference between both the islands ? Which one is more exploring by tourists ?
There is nothing a difference between the islands in terms of beautiful beaches with turqoise crystal water but if we compare the ratio of travellers in both the island then there are the the ratio of 60-40%. Mostly people Love to visit Phi-Phi island more than james james bond island.

  • How Can we get a full Day tour ? What is the price to visit ? 

Now, it is up yo you which island you prefer to visit, ultimately the tour is for full day. You will get same facilities whether you take phi-phi or james bond.

You will get:-

 Hotel pick and drop facility.

Snorkerlling free of cost.

Lunch included

2-3 Stopover on islands, where you have time to click your photos or explore the island. 

You can get these tickets from your hotel staff and there are many travel agents you will see on roadside who will give you the best deal accordingly. For this full day tour if you cover this whole journey by Speedboat then your cost will be around 2500 INR and 32 $, but if you cover this trip by Big Ferry then you have to spend around 5000 INR and 64 $.

Day 3

4). Patong Beach: One of the major attraction visited every year by variable tourist in phuket, it is a long beach where you can just feel the nature by walking around and this place is also making their profits by their resorts (variable range of resorts). You can even swim here, this place has no restrictions for swimming. You can even go for the water sports activities here. Water sports activities are starting here from 1200 INR and 16 $.

5). 7/11 Stores: It is like a normal store but very fruitful for travellers, as bunch of visitors prefer this place to buy something like milk, packed sandwich, rice burger. While travelling full day you can enjoy some lite snacks here with some drinks and this shop is available in thailand at every 500m distance.

After this beautiful 3 Days trip to phuket, where you discovered a lot new attractions, now you straight head to our last destination "Pattaya" but before that your maximum to maximum per person expense in phuket is around 17000 INR and
228 $. This includes your ( hotel fee, travelling fee from one place to another, meals and your entry ticket price).

Again, it is upto you how you spend your money while exploring, now if you bump into the most famous rooftop restaurants here then you have to spend more but i think this is enough for one. Phuket is more expensive than bangkok. 

Now, for visiting phuket to pattaya bus is one of the amazing source to reach. You can reach phuket to pattaya by bus in 1850 INR and 782 $. 

How to Cover Pattaya in Cheap

Pattaya is mostly loved by people for its quite beaches, cabaret shows, attractive temples and of course, thai food which is mostly loved by tourists.

Q) What is the range of a normal room in pattaya ?

You can easily get rooms here in the cost of 1000 Baht (near walking street).

Best places to visit in Pattaya

At this place you need maximum 3 days to cover all of the attractions, now you have not been time bound here because, this place is majorly famous for its adult nightlife and some of its temples, although whole thailand is famous for nightlife, but here people enjoy the most (according to research). 

You Don't need to get bike here because if you do not have your international driving licence then you will lead into trouble and you also have to pay unnecessary amount to the traffic police in the form of penalty.

Sharing Taxi is the best way to reach anywhere in this city, it would be way more cheap for anyone, it hardly cost you around 70 INR and 1 $. You can ask anyone local out there to reach to that sharing taxi/bus.

Day 1

1). Mini Siam Park: It is one of the great place for those who want to look around the beautiful monuments like Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty, Leaning tower of Pisa and many more . 

As this place has world's most famous monuments in the form of mini sculptures. If you are here with your family then definitely you can make your children visit to this place and built their intellectual knowledge by telling about all the monuments in this little park. Entry ticket would be around 750 INR and 11 $.

2). Ripley Believe Not Museum: Basically its an american franchise by robert ripley which actually has some different kinds of events, shows and illusions in their museum. Sometime you gets haunt in that area and sometime the illusion will make you laugh and sometime it is hard to escape from the toughest illusion that could be presented in front of you.

You can also enjoy the haunted house here. This is not basically the area for kids everyone can come here for thrilling experience which is out of the box, basically a new conceptual, not like a boring museum. You can contact online for the ticket price (as here the ticket price is very fluctuating).

3). Sanctuary of Truth: This is the place where you can see loads of small budhism sculptures. It is basically the hindu budhist temple. At here, you will feel very relaxed and major attraction here is the building. Amazing place for clicking photos and making videos here. You have to spend 1200 INR and 17 $ to visit here. Entry timings are from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

4). Art Paradise: This is one of the amazing place to vidit out and get your mood very healthy. You might feel at sometime that anything can happen at this place some photos are kind of 3D dimensional type where you can click the photo and it actually gives look like you are holding the tusk of an elephant. This place is worth watch if you going pattaya. Entry ticket price is around 1000 INR and 13 $.

5). Pattaya Beach: This beach actually gives you the vibe like an simple island or beach whatever you want to call, plenty of tourists are swimming here, enjoying the sun-bathing and a lot of youngsters and old one you can see while holding a beer and enjoying near by cafes. Totally safe place to visit, although pattaya is growing day by day for their adult nightlife.

Day 2

6). Cartoon Network Water Park: Apart from nightlife thailand is also famous for there thrilling rides in water parks.

This is one of this kind of attraction you will see in which you can experience lots of characters live in front of you from "Cartoon Network", you can dance with all of them enjoy with them.

The key attraction is here the rides probably one of the most horrible, thundering and if you have some phobia from heights then please do not even try to experience this because you are witnessing something out of the park. This is something different from all of the other water parks in thailand or in any other country. Also this is the world's first Cartoon network theme park. It is also registered in top 10 asia's biggest waterparks.

This gonna be your full day trip, so you dont have to experience any hastle with transportation. It will cost you around 2600 INR and 35 $.

Day 3

7). Full Day trip to Coral Island:  Again a basic full day tour in pattaya where you will enjoy so many tropical beaches and you can also enjoy water sports like banana ride, scuba and lot more things to explore on this beautiful destination. Plenty of tourists take this tour for witnessing the golden beaches of pattaya.

This is also a tour like Ko Phi-Phi/James bond island tour where pick and drop from hotel is included (Lunch also). Your full day cost be around 1600 INR and 22 $.

You can take these from your hotel staff or from any of the travel agent in pattaya.

Now your journey ends with this attraction. Moving from pattaya to Bangkok again you can take mini bus in which you have to pay around 400 INR and 5 $.

The total expense of pattaya of per person is not more than 15000 INR and 200 $. (including hotel fee, transportation, food, entry ticket).

Q) What are the tips for Travelling to thailand ?

Here are top 10 basic tips for exploring Thailand.

1. Never get too drunk, while walking on the roads. You have to be normal, this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone.

2. Prefer 7/11 stores for picking small items like chocolates, cakes, packed foods.

3. You will get a glass of beer in almost any club of thailand under 100 baht.

4. If you are a Vegan looking for the light food not derive from animals in thailand then prefer fruits, you will see a lot of food stalls in thailand.

5. Never take scooty in pattaya, take mini bus as transport.

6. You can make any package as per your convienience. whether it is (Bangkok,pattaya or pattaya, phuket or all 3 destination).

7. Be careful with in clubs. Although you are safe but if you are alone then you have to   pay attention more.

8. I mentioned all the exchange rates in INR and US dollars that doesn't mean you will not take baht in advance you have to take thai baht. (atleast 10000 baht).

9. While enjoying nightlife in (walking street, pattaya) don't get indulge in ping pong shows and adult shows, if you are just sitting here enjoying the shows then cool. But never get indulge something for pleasure, it may ruin your life with lot of infections

10. Try not to spend on non worthy attractions. These are all attraction mentioned above if your budget is tight then you can leave any of the attraction by taking the knowledge there of that particular attraction.

Note:- This is one of the new update by the tourism gov of Thailand i.e After the month of October 2020, Tourist will have to stay for a longer period than any usual days, because of (14 Days Quarantine) and then you can explore anywhere in this country.


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