Kasol to Parvati Valley | Mini Israel of India

Hello everyone !! Hope you all are good at your place. Today we are discovering one of the most iconic destination in india. This place is a marvellous destination for mountain lovers or some of the people who love to trek, follow some adventure sports, fan of a scenic beauty, tranquility. This place is also called the  "mini israel of india".

So, the location which we are covering today is actually a village, but the natural beauty, the people, the hotels (which are into the huts), Camping experience all of this is the indication that the tourism sector is a lot more developed here in this small village. So, the name of this village is right now the topmost attraction place for tourists in india called "Kasol".

 Kasol to Parvati Valley: 

Before we start to explain the whole process to go there and what are the top attractions there, what to do there, firstly we will answer some of the basic questions which is frequently asked by people:-

Q) What is Kasol ? Where it is ?

Look, Kasol is a place in kullu which is sorounded by the parvati river. It has plenty of things for a traveller to do that i will mention below, but for now the history of kasol is like, in the early 1990s Kasol was only a bus stop where the bus driver only stop the bus for passengers. 

Now, if you look at the scenario of this location you will be get thrilled to see that amazing development of this village, literally the villagers didn't even realise that they will be loved by the tourists so much, which gives them the employment in their daily life to earn some money. 

There are many tourists who come here only for its peaceful nature, which they can't enjoy in their daily lives while running for a job or a business. While sitting outside your camp, rooftop on your hotel etc, anywhere you will sit you will find a natural view of hills which you'll never forget.

You can experience this place anytime throughout the year, as the weather is always be good here but for some people the best time majorly to visit this destination is october to june (you might see a little snowfall in december).

Q) What are the distance from the big cities in India to kasol ?  (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and chennai) ? 

Distance from the big cities in india to kasol are as follows :-

1) Delhi to Kasol: The distance between New delhi to kasol is 511 km (appx).

Flight will take 1hr 20mins to reach there. 
(Bhuntoor airport, kullu)

Train will take 9 hrs (appx).

You can also go here with your own private vehicle.

2) Mumbai to Kasol:  The distance between mumbai to kasol is 1927 km (appx).

Flight will take approximately 9hrs to reach bhuntar airport.

Train will take 40hrs appx to reach there.

You can also go here with your own private vehicle.

3) Kolkata to Kasol: The distance between kolkata kasol is 2036 km (appx).

There is no direct flight from kolkata to kullu. So the flight is from kolkata to kullu has one stopover in New delhi after that when you reach bhuntoor airport you have to cover the distance of 32km by cab.

You can take train sealdah express to delhi, then you can take a cab to manali or bus anything.

You can also go here with your own private vehicle.

4) Chennai to kasol: The distance between chennai to kasol is 2,720 km.

Flight will take 8hrs approximately to reach bhuntoor airport.

Train will take approximately 34hrs to reach new delhi, after you can take a bus or taxi to reach manali.

You can definitely go through your own vehicle, but i will not suggest because you have to manage time for this.

Q) What about Camping ? How much they charge for per night ? 

You know camping plays the vital role if you are exploring kasol. If enjoying the scenic beauty is permanent, exploring the mall roads in these types of destination is permanent then camping is mandatory in these villages. 

After experiencing your nights in the tents, You will lead to know that are mornings are way more beautiful in these areas, when clouds are running away at your top and you will probably want to capture that moment for your life.

The average cost for a tent is around 1200-1500₹ (for 2 people), now if you are exploring this trip with a bunch of friends, suppose 5-6 are you travelling at this place, then you have to pay 4000-4500₹ (for 6 people).

It also depends in which situation you are going, if there is a season time then they will definitely charge you according to the situation, but if you are going in off season or maybe at that time when people are less travelling to those hilly areas and all, then you definitely be charged worthfuly here.

What to do in kasol 

After reaching this site and  watching this natural beauty, travellers are almost impressed with the nature which they are watching in front of them. This place is for everybody for every type of traveller whether it is a backpacker or a planned traveller, cause this place has so much for a traveller in which the end result will be happy as a explorer. Some of the places are listed below:-

  • Trekking: After reaching kasol, stay in barshaini after here you can start your day with trek to kheerganga, this trek is about 12km while walking on this trek you will see amazing mountains, gushy waterfalls. You can consider this trek as a game where the level starts easily first and then become very tough to complete same thing happens in this trek, majorly all travellers has this trek in their Bucket list.

  • Parvati river: It is an amazing feeling when the noise of an emerging water in a valley comes to you for whole day, it is very fascinating just to watch that river for 10-15 mins by standing there. It is around 40 km from main bus stop of kasol.

  • Natural Scenery: Visiting the outmost place, where you fullfill your checkpoints from your bucket list is the unfiltered experience of all time, witnessing you all alone in the forest with your friends and just sitting on any point at rock and capturing that moment is memorable.

  • Israeli cafes: At now, kasol is the place where you find number of tourist from abroad, but kasol is also the place where you can see a bunch of people from israel. Now, if you hang around that place at evening you will witness alot of israeli cafes, Where people are exchanging there thoughts very peacefully, eating food and some drinks, that's why this destination is also a hub for israeli's people.

  • Malana/ magic valley: This is one of the curious topic in this whole journey, not on the basis of travelling but i think this is something interesting related to intellectual knowledge, this is the most beautiful village where people enjoy there day. The village is famous for malana cream and some of its restrictions during your travelling that is a must fact to know.
Malana village is something like a magic valley. When you are here probably entering in this village then you will came to know how beautiful this place actually is. The nature, trees, houses, greenery, mountains and the silence. This village is get fascinating when they have there hiding facts like:-

1) You can't touch anyone in this village: In this village people are very sweet, but narrow at the same time, so don't touch physically during your visit.

2) Banned entry in temple: There is a temple in malana village, that structure is eye capturer for the tourists, but you cannot get inside the temple, the entry is banned for any tourist here. If you get inside then you have to pay the heavy amount in the form of penality.

3) Don't try to follow their accent: This is might be funny or shocking for some tourists but eventually it is true, In malana the language is kanashi cause history says that the people who are living here are probably present themselves as a greek more than an indian, because they are from the generation of alexander. So if you are trying to copy there dialect then this might be offensive there, you have to pay the fine.

  • Malana Cream: There are lot of tourists who love to get high here in kasol, cause this place produces lot of dry addiction products naturally by trees or plants. So you can get weed, marijuana, hash easily here. This also been the reason for foreigners tourists. Now, if you explore to malana village then as i said this is something magical in the air where you will top of the world, this village is also popular for Malana cream which is made up of cannabis plants, which grow in parvati valley.So trying something is not bad unless you get indulge in that.
The nature is that much beautiful that sometime you drove in the air and try these dry things, but be careful as someone said 

" Everything in limit is good but everything in limitless is not just bad its too bad".


In india, there are lot of places which drove  tourist here even around the world. According to a study there are over 8-10 million people around the world who comes to india for their tour. People are from abroad love here to explore on some particular places like Agra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Arunachal, Kasol etc.

As there are millions of people who are coming india on the daily basis to travel then kasol is the place which is also called the hub of israeli people. People who live in kasol accept that the tourism business is promoted by the people who are coming from israel as they love this place so much cause for tranqulity, peaceful nature around the huts, the noise of waterfalls around camps or hotels and even much more. That's why this place also called by the "Mini Israel of India"

Kasol is the place for every backpacker and every tourist who wants to get indulge in this dry addiction or addiction for there beautiful places but israeli has a hub here before many years, they are the people who loved by the villagers most because they give them an amount of business by staying in hotels or tents for long period.

Many israeli citizens opened the restaurants here or hotels to enjoy. They are running there business in this city with full authority.

As israeli citizens doesn't understand much english so there are many hotels, restaurants where the language they speak is hebrew (as this is the national language of israel). 

Apart from running the business tourist who are coming here all the way from israel love this place because of environment. They love the peaceful nature, some indian foods like  indian thali, butter naan with dal makhani  and they have some israeli dishes in their restaurants also which is fascinating to try for the indians.

If you explore kasol then you will definitely attract with some cafes where the menu is also in the language of hebrew. 

If you are going for a trek then you will see a lot of national flags of israel, that is the beauty of this city, they accepts and love evryone outside the india also. 

So, this place is for every young boy or a girl who want to explore something beautiful inside the valley with a lot of adventure, food, malana cream and much more.