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Hello, everyone !! As we all know that we are in this state of mind where we can't go anywhere outside, enjoy street food, explore new places. Yes i agree but i think this is the time where we all can inbuilt our passion and learn something which is something new.

"Education is the essence of life"

This statement doesn't mean that you should do your studies to keep your mind aware, it is related with "Learning" if you are curious to know about something then you should show your interest in that field whether it is cooking or gardening or reading books. You just have to show some interest in that field. 

Q) What you can do in this situation (Lock down) ?

Ans: We agree that this situation is tough for all of us, but instead of wasting time or being lethargic all day you have to figure out what are the key things that you can learn. It can be anything, just make sure you develop your interest in that particular subject. Here is the list of top things you can do in lock down.

1) Gardening : if you are the one who don't have any interest in this field then just try to learn by some videos on the internet after sometime you will definitely gather your interest in this field.

2) Cooking : This is one of the inner passionate thing which we have seen in this lock down everyone is making delicious stuff at their homes, everyone is learning this is one of the best work to stay and cook at home.

3) Reading books : One of the best thing to adapt in a habit in this lock down is to keep reading books. There are many of sites available on internet where you can read the stuff for free and its not like you only have to read books from the internet you can find the resources near by you. One of the best example is reading Bhagvat geeta, ramayan, geeta sandesh. not just to watch in tv you can clarify it from reading the book.

4) Keep yourself up to date : There is nothing wrong if you didn't know what is going on around you but this is definitely impactful for you. You have to give yourself at least 10 mins to watch the news to see what is going around your country, what are the pros & cons of this particular factor.

5) Talk to yourself : This may sound crazy little bit, but this is absolutely true that if you will talk to yourself, then your brain will work more efficiently. Make sure there is a routine everyday where you have to be free for yourself not for others, just leave your cellphone and concentrate on yourself you can start this conversation by asking yourself, Do i did something purposeful today or something that which makes me one step closer to my carrier objective ?

  • "Whenever you feel lonely, start enjoying the company of the most wonderful person on this earth "YOU"!"
                                  - Sandeep Maheshwari

6) Stop procrastination : In simple words, stop wasting your time you might think today that this is the fault of situation which we are into i can't do anything, but trust me you are avoiding things. You have a lot to achieve or a lot to learn, even you are watching something on mobile and that is purposeful for your objective then you are not wasting time.

7) Learn online courses : Great opportunity to learn all the courses on the e-sites to take participation and learn number of courses for free, many websites giving you the lifetime opportunity to learn free from their expertise teacher. for example: Udemy

8) Watch "Nolan" movies : For many people movies which is directed by one of the greatest director in our world "Christopher Nolan" is unable to understand and he is awarded for best direction and screenplay for many movies, but there are many people who consider that Interstellar, Inception and Dunkirk type of movies are very mind boggling to watch but this is your way to believe this, i think you should watch it for second time or if you are the one who didn't watched it yet, should definitely watch it, his movies are always binge worthy to watch.

9) Maintain your physique (without gym) : if you are not so professional in body building but just want to be healthy at home by the combination of diet and workout then this is the perfect routine or situation to concentrate on your body, You can simply focus on your diet and workout with push ups or instead of weights you should carry heavy bag or bricks.

10) Making your plans for after quarantine : Yes not now, but you can decide the city or country or any small place to explore with friends, example: An excursion trip, and then grab a piece of knowledge to explore their after this situation, you can travel there easily.

                                  So these are the things that you can do under lock down you just need to get up and focus on that work that you gonna do. Today i am presenting you some facts of India which is very interesting, Definitely you will learn something about India, If you are a non Indian then after reading this article you will have an amazing clarity in your mind about India I am presenting you 30 unknown "interesting facts about India"

Interesting facts about India

1) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

 Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport that is situated in Leh is the highest airport in India,  It is the 22nd highest commercial airport in the world at 3,256 m (10,682 ft) above  sea level.

2) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Liquor is not allowed in Srinagar. As you know, Srinagar is muslim dominated area and they think that Liquor is 'haram'. If you're a cricket fan, you may be knowing that muslim players try to avoid endorsing liquor. For Example : Hashim Amla

3) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Until the early 1990s Kasol was only a bus stop, but now kasol is one of the most traveled site by the tourists.

4) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

 If you are travellig to Amritsar then definitely try the Amritsari Kulcha, The Punjabi thali, The Amritsari Lassi, Jalebi, Amritsari Aloo Tikki. (As the place is famous for its street food).

5) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Uttarakhand can be refer to the "Land of Pilgrimages" or the "House of God". (As there are endless temples to visit).

6) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Gurugram host to many big and small IT (MNC) Companies in India. Today, Gurugam has offices for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies (third-highest per capita income in India).

7) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

You may visit Andaman in india for your tour but you cannot explore on the islands of nicobar, because the area is under the scanner of tribal people. Here some of the tribal communities are still living and never allows anyone to visit here unless you gets a permit by the govt.

8) Do you know ? (Interesting Facts about India)

Due to its royal legacy Rajasthan receives the largest number of domestic and international tourists in India.

9) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Not jama masjid but Taj ul Masjid, Bhopal is one of the largest mosque in India.

10) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Entire public transport system in Delhi runs on CNG. Also It's the second most populated city in the world after Tokyo.

11) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Mandu" is one of the under rated site in India, people are not known of that place this place has a bunch of things to showcase to the visitors. ( Forest, Camping, Lake etc.)

12) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

There are 25 Lakh people in goa, who only visits from Russia, that's why Marojim beach is called "little Russia", because there are many russians who operate businesses here.

13) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

India is the second largest "English speakers" in the world - 125,226,449 numbers of English speakers are here.

14) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Mawsynram", Meghalya in india is the wettest place with 11871 mm of average rainfall. This village is 15 km away from Cherrapunji.

15) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

India has the biggest population of "Vegetarians" in the world.

16) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

India has the world"s largest attended events. The biggest of which is "kumbha mela" of 2001 - attended by 60 million people and was seen from space.

17) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Islam" is second largest religion in India and the world's largest religion.

18)  Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

The Largest religious building in the world is "Angkor Wat" a Hindu temple in Cambodia built at the end of 11th century.

19)  Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Majuli" is currently listed as the world's Largest river island in the Guinness book of world's records and it also became the first island to be a district in India in 2016.

20) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

The "Vaishno Devi" cave, discovered many centuries ago, was founded in the real sense by Maharaja Gulab singh in 1846 when he donated Rs 5 lakh towards the development of the shrine.

21) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Shani Shingnapur", Maharashtra is famous for the fact that no house here has any doors. Residents of the village feel little need for security, thanks to their belief in special protection from the Hindu deity Shani, whose famous temple is located here.

22) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Varanasi" is the place where you can find about lots of stories about "Aghoris".

23)  Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Kokata" is the state where The famous Bengali sweet Rasgulla which is pronounced as Roshogolla, has its origin here.

24) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Dong Valley in "Arunachal Pradesh" gets first sun rays of the morning falls in the Dong Valley of Arunachal Pradesh which makes Arunachal “The Land of Rising Sun” in India.

25) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Jagannath temple" is the temple is built in a very scientific way shadow falls in such a way that it is not visible to others. The shadow which falls on the dome is hidden by the structural built of the temple.

26) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Mumbai" “The Dream city” hold the biggest slum area in India known as Dharavi. Asia's largest slum, Dharavi, is spread over an area of 1.75 km along the Mahim river in central Mumbai.

27) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

The architecture of Taj Mahal has British, French, Mughal, Arabic and Hindu influences. The palace contains 120 rooms.

28) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

Apart from Species "Kerala" is God's own country. You have the best climate there with no extremes unlike in other parts of India. The cost of living is the cheapest in Kerala.

29) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

 "Tirupathi balaji" , Andhra Pradesh is the temple which is built in 10th century, it's the world's largest pilgrimage destination. larger than either rome or mecca, an average of 30000 visitors donate 6 million ( US $) everyday.

30) Do you know ? (Interesting facts about India)

"Kanyakumari" is the "Last point of India". This place is junction of all the three sea Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.


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