Future of Travelling with Coronavirus

Future of Travelling : (with Coronavirus)

Hello everyone !! Hope all you guys are at your home and safe. We all know that we are highly affected from covid-19. For job seekers, people who are on the post of Managers in the big companies, Migrant workers and people who earn some decent amount and spend for their essential needs are suffering a lot in this situation.

 Now the time is to forget everything and hope for the best for our nation, help to the needed ones. In this article we will discuss about the Future of Travelling (with Coronavirus) . 

Today If you take a walk around the market areas there are different conversations happening . Like :-

1). This disease will destroy everyone's  future after sometime.

2).  Coronavirus is not going to over.

3). The decreasing rate of the economy is very fast.

4). We are not getting paid for this month, now govt has to open all the industries, we all are going to be poor if the lockdown still continues.

5). Tourism has to be shut for sometime.

Firstly, yes we all agree with these statements we cannot uplift our business graph in this current situation, All the industries affected badly but please do not spread these misconception around people, all these whatsapp messages which said the lockdown is extending, People will not travel for 2 years.

We have to figure out the solutions out of the problems and turn them into opportunities, So now instead of misleading the audience start giving solutions to them. In this stage travel agents are majorly worried for there business.

Today, i am covering each and every aspect towards, Future of travelling (with coronavirus), There are lots of travel agents who are thinking now the time is correct to shut their agencies or they should try in an another field cause they think travel industry will be over for the years from now.

Q) Is travel & tourism really going to end forever ? or for some years ?

  No, i will explain it later but yes there are number of people out here, who think that travel & tourism will be over forever or either people will stop travelling for some years due to this situation.

Q) Are people will get out of their jobs ? Does airline will stop flying ? What will happen with the airline staff ? 

Firstly, i want to clear the statement that "Travel & Tourism will never get stopped by anyone". This industry gave so much to level the economy in this world, Suppose Covid-19 will declared as the disease which will never get disappear in life. then also, Future of Travelling is bright in real life.

Q) Does airlines, train will start again ?

Yes, ofcourse this is the industry which will never stop by anyone or for anyone. As Air india declared that they will going to start their booking process for the selective destinations.

  •  USA
  • UK
  • PARIS 

They declared that the motive behind these flight operations are to return the passengers which are stuck outside the country, media also claimed that govt will allow in green zone areas after sometime.

Trains are going to start and picking their pace in online booking. There are several trains to send the migrant workers to their homes in this situation.

Now, whichever the convince is running their operations has to maintain the following decisions.

1) Social Distancing
2) Sanitize their vehicle fully.
3) Mask is compulsory.

Q) Now, the question is for travel agents, how can they make money and run their business ? 

Yes, we all know in the mid of this lockdown everyone is worried and affected for their business. There are so many questions to ask the govt, but now we all have to figure out the opportunity for us. There is no one who can provide us the exact knowledge for these problems. Government is also trying to calm down the disease (by making vaccines & all) and they will start all again eventually.
           Please concentrate on the other things, business can still going on, the thing is we have to analyse according to the situation that how travel agency can make there packages and sell them. Thought process of a travel agent is to sell the packages for international destination and now all the destination are in lockdown. 

There are so many other destinations which makes you grow your business. Here are some of the ways to earn in lockdown or after lockdown. 

1). Concentrate on Ticketing : So many people are stuck somewhere ( in india or out of india ) they cannot come to their home and still are away from their families, but now after all govt managed some trains to travel from one state to another, Also managed some flights to bring back indian citizens from the world. So right now the option is the great to sell the tickets to people some people are unaware of the process and can't get tickets for their families. So give them the ticket and earn decent amount of money.

2). Help as much as you can : You literally can spread the positivity by helping migrant workers to sell tickets with the basic amount what you are getting without you margin. You can make your profit by selling the tickets to normal people, who are willing to pay to you.

3). Ready for Derivable Destinations : I will explain this whole point with an example. Suppose : If a boy pursuing his bachelors from chandigarh. He also live there, His parents lives in delhi so now in this situation if he wants to go in delhi then he will definitely contact to a travel agent near by him, now if he can't get the ticket of train (in case of availability) then he will book a car in this situation. This is only one situation that i explained to you, there are so many things happening daily, so try to focus on drivable destinations now.

4). Make your contact with transporters : Try to contact with the transpoters who are ready to give you the highly sanitized cars with all the safety measures, or also make sure if they can make a partition in b/w the driver & the passenger, then there are very less chances to spread coronavirus also this will help you to show your business graph in an upward direction.

5). Focus on Resort booking : Whenever this lockdown gets over, mass audience will stop travel to abroad, so this is an amazing opportunity to give your attention to resorts  because they have larger space in their rooms, highly sanitized and they have the certificate which shows the client that this property is covid free (staff is not suffering from the disease). Anyone can book this package cause basically resort means to relax for every explorer (whether they are families, friends, travel groups).

6). Sell Excursion trips : After sometime, when this situation is in control then excursion trips will play a vital role in travelling life. People who lives in new delhi never concentrate to visit agra ( as taj mahal is very near, so they think they can visit this destination anytime ) but now agra, mathura, new delhi and Jaipur will be the destinations in raidar of north indian tourists, As well as if you live in south india then this is the great opportunity to make an itinerary for an excursion trip and earn money from that. Travel agents from USA, Australia, European countries all can follow these instruction to make their business grow, try to find the destinations where travellers are interested and that destination is not gonna far away from their state. 

7) Importance of Digital media : Today the world is digital you can manage anything by your own just to learn that process, So if you live in any country you can capture the trip of excursion as well as other states also. For example = If your office setup up in Buffalo city, (USA) so you can send someone the package of Ohio.

8) Start making pilgrimage packages : People are waiting when they get visit to the pilgrimages which are most popular in india like = Vaishno devi, Shirdi, Tirupathi balaji ( in India). So, be ready to sell these to them, right now you can't sell these packages but can ready this stuff to sell in future.

9) Save your Salary : This lockdown taught us that saving is the most essential thing to implement in our life. You can do many things if you save your salary now, help to the migrant, needed ones or if you are the manager of your firm.

  Try to convince your employees that we are not releasing our staff, but you can work on commission basis.

Clear this thing in simple words that right now we can't give you salary but if you work for us on commission basis then you are most welcome and ultimately this problem will be rectified by all the industries.

From this major change in travel business people will definitely earn some amount to spend on their necessary needs.

10) Divide your profits : By stopping  salary for everyone you can run your business on commission for sometime, but commission is also like money you can't give commission to everyone out of your pocket. So now everyone has to cooperate to impact their business back in market.

11). Learn courses in tourism sector : Don't hesitate to learn the courses in tourism sector, this sector has a variety of courses which will help you to get settled your future. This industry gave so much to up the economy in any country of the world. 


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