"Travelling in malaysia"

Hello everyone!! Today we gonna talk about the country who is popular for their ambience, travel attractions, famous for their street food, natural life and there famous attraction is "petronas twin towers". Yes you are right, I am gonna cover each and every aspect of Malaysia. If you are setting your plans for travelling in Malaysia in future, then you will grab some useful knowledge from this article with some basic tips. (So, Let's start with some basic points and then questions which is frequently asked by the visitors from all over the globe).


  • Malaysia is the country where you can visit some of the topmost attractions which cannot be seen anywhere. This country has their atmosphere for everyone (Honeymooners, if your group is travelling , travelling with friends and family trip).

  • Malaysia is on 44th no (Beautiful countries in the world).

  • Kuala lumpur is the capital of "Malaysia" . If you are travelling in malaysia you can get the flight from anywhere to kuala lumpur. (guess if you are from India, China, United states , Nepal etc.)

  • if you are booking your tickets 2-3 months prior then it will cost you around 15500 rs for a round trip from india and 600 dollars from USA. ( I have taken India and USA as our base).

  • Malaysian ringgit is the currency in Malaysia. (1 ringgit = 18 Indian rupees and 0.24 USD), Firstly never exchange your currency at the airport it will costly for you. Second thing is if you are an Indian then must carry US dollars with you as they are going to be cheap for you in ringgits. ( When you exchange US dollars to ringgits, You will save 2-3 rs on a single ringgit.   

Q) What is the visa process, if you are travelling to Malaysia ?

Ans: For Indians, you have to apply Entri visa on there official website (You have to approve such documents = Flight return ticket, Hotel confirmation booking and photo), after filling this form which will cost you around (1600 rs) now you can get your visa on your mail and you are eligible to travel. For US citizens, it is totally free you can travel there with your passport only.

Q) What about the sim cards ?

Ans: After your exit you will see many shops for sim cards, it will cost you around 24 ringgits, 9Gb data and calls for 7days. (Buy sim cards if necessary, you can save your money as all the hotels today have wifi' s for their guests to use.)

Top things to do in Malaysia ("Travelling in Malaysia")

1) KL Tower : If you want to take the exotic view of Kuala lumpur from the top, then this is the must visit attraction, here you can see the no of people coming across the world to enjoy the utmost view on the top of the building. You can see the whole view of kuala as well as the Petronas twin towers. Its a completely photogenic and worthy place to visit. (Ticket price is around 90 ringgit = 1560 INR , 21 USD, if you visit this place in the evening after 5:00pm then you can see the perfect view).


2) Aquaria : It is basically an aquarium, but now you are in underwater and you will feel that there are various animals in the water which you have never experienced in your life. Shark, various types of fishes, various sea animals you can watch here such as lobster, octopus and many Jelly fish and sea horse. This attractions is also an amazing place to visit. You can also dive here (Ticket price is 250 ringgit). (Ticket price for this place is around 40 ringgit = 700 INR &10 USD).


3) Petronas Twin Towers : After aquaria, you can watch twin towers on the same day (as this place is just 5 min walking distance from aquaria). This is the must watch place in Malaysia, very popular attraction. You have to book your ticket from their official website which cost you around (104 ringgit = 1800 INR & 24 USD). You definitely have to cover this place if you are visiting Malaysia.


4) Bukin Bitang : This is the place in Malaysia which is famous for their nightlife. At Jalan Alor (The famous street in Bukin bitang) you will see so many massage parlors, Clubs, beer bars, Live street music, Live DJ clubs and you can enjoy a lot of local food (The food for the "Vegans" here is negligible). If you want to buy the products of daily need like milk, bread, pasta then there are many marts available where you purchase these products. ( You will find many products like packed food, chips, chocolates, beer etc). 


 5) Kidzania : If you are travelling to Malaysia with your family then this place teaches your children how physical activities are important in your life, sometime you'll see your children will play the role of beautician, doctor, police officer, dentist. In this place kids will get the particular knowledge with their perspective fields (as per their interest). it is an outstanding place to make your kids smart by giving them the knowledge of physical activities. (entry fees for kids are 70 ringgit = 1250 approx INR & 17 USD).


6) Batu Caves : This is the place in malaysia where you will see a lot of hindu temples in that particular destination. You have to climb 272 steps to climb batu caves. After climbing, you will be happy to see the natural beauty of mountains and atmosphere in Malaysia (lot of indians are here). 


7) Genting Highlands : Well if you want to experience the hills around you, then this place is perfect for you. "Genting" is known for its casino's, indoor theme parks, Luxury hotels . This place is 55 KM far from KL central (Maximum 1 hour to reach). You can book taxi for this, otherwise you can take a bus from KL central.  (Bus fare and cable car price will cost you around 15 ringgits for one side). This place is for the kids, definitely you can enjoy the ride but if you want to leave this place, you can miss this attraction i am sure you will not miss anything.


8) Penang : Walk on the empty roads with a little hustle bustle around you. Street art is the main eye capturer of this place. Definitely a photogenic place. You can also enjoy the water sports here and nightlife too. You can also watch some iconic budha temple in penang, which is usually be considered as the longest budha temple in malaysia.


Note:- (Mono rail is very convenient if you travelling one place to another. If you want to go from taxi there then just like uber you can download the app called "Grab" which is very reasonable and safe for you. You can save lot of your money if you take metro for visiting your destinations rather then a taxi or book a car, make sure that you book your hotel in KL central or Bukin Bitang these are the hub of metro stations). You can easily find the vegetarian food/restaurants in the place called "little india".