Hello everyone !! So we all know that this is tough to deal or heal with this pandemic situation which we are into right now (Covid-19). But the main thing is we all have to follow rules & regulations of the govt. (To get rid from the impact of CORONAVIRUS).

  • Now, we all know the impact of this situation shows the slope downwards instantly on the graph of travelling, anyone can't make their plans for anywhere to explore. Tourism of any of the country would be major affected in this situation, but we all know after following the procedure of lockdown after sometime everything gonna fall on its place. In simple words we will start travelling again. But for today i am not writting any article on the base of my experience for any of the country, today i want you to play a simple quiz and enhance your knowledge of travelling. 


 Q) What you will learn after completing this quiz ??  

Ans:- After completing this "Travel quiz" you will definitely able to:-

1) Able to recognize about some countries situations.

2) You will also get a check on general awareness anyhow.

3) Definitely know the unsafest country in the world, where you shoudn't make your plans.

4) Plenty of things which you are not aware about.


                                  TRAVEL QUIZ

Now for testing your knowledge and just for fun i am dropping this 30 questions segment which is very simple so i just want you to recognize the answer atleast you have to keep an eye on these questions, if you gonna answer all the right then amazing you are a pro but if you didn't answer any of these then don't worry you will find the correct answer.


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